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Can Necker - Can Flanger - Can Beader - Can Seamer

Can flanger is used to form the edge of both ends of can body, also named as can flanging machine, can beader is used to form the beads to strengthen can body, also named as can beading machine, can seamer is used to seal top and bottom can lids with can body, also named as can seaming machine, can necker is used to neck the top ends of can body, also named as can necking machine.
1-5L Automatic Round Can Production Line

1-5L Automatic Round Can Production Line


  • Can erector

  • Can conveyor

  • Automatic can flanger

  • Automatic can seamer for bottoms

  • Turn over device

  • Automatic can seamer for rings or can ends



Can diameter: 99-180mm

Can height: 65-320mm

Speed: max. 60cpm

Power: 7kw

Automatic Can Flanging Beading Machine

Automatic Can Flanging Beading Machine


  • Vertical feeding of can body

  • Combination based on the need: flanging/beading/flanging+beading


Speed: 20-30cpm(speed adjustable) 

Can diameter: Φ52-Φ190mm

Motor power: 2.2Kws
Dimensions: 1570x980x1140mm
Weight: 900kg

Seaming Machine GS-A

Seaming Machine GS-A


  • Automatic feeding of can body

  • Available for the automatic feeding of can lids

  • Equipped with six seaming rollers

  • Five layers seaming

  • Electric lift solution

  • Suitable for seaming the top or bottom lids


  • Available for the automatic feeder of can lids/bottoms/rings

Speed: 25-30cpm
Can diameter: Φ≤330mm
Can height: 150-270mm
Motor power: 1.5Kws,380V,50HZ
Weight: 1.6T
Dimensions: 1750×1160×2010mm

Dumbbell Can Forming Machine GE-D

Dumbbell Can Forming Machine GE-D


  • Hydraulic system

  • Changing over tool for any different types of irregular cans (dumbbell, bulge)

  • Compact structure

  • Efficient and stable

Application range: 1-5L
Speed: 18-20 cans/min
Weight: 500kg
Motor power: 5.5kW
Dimensions: 1470*730*1200mm

Body Forming Machine - Can Seaming Machine

can neckers, can flangers, can beaders, can seamers, can expanders for bodyforming

The flange on each end of can body is necessary and prior to seaming. The can flange is formed by flanging machine. GR Can Making Machine produces automatic can flanging machine and semi automatic can flanger for tin containers. On the automatic flanging machine, the top flange and bottom flange are formed by two sets of tools concurrently. On semi automatic, the cans are flanged on each end by upside down manually by one set of tool. The GF series flangers can flange the round tin containers, rectangular tin containers, square tin containers as well as conical containers by corresponding tools.


In the canning industry, the canned food like tomato paste, canned meat, canned fruit, canned vegetable, canned sauce is usually packaged in metal cans with beads. And in the industry packaging industry, the conical pails are also form with beads. The bead is used to strengthen the can body. The forming of bead is performed by a machine named tin can beader or conical pail beader. GR Can Making Machine produces the tin can beading machine for food cans and conical pail beading machine for chemical pails. The metal can beading machine apply tool to expand the bead on the pail or roll the bead on the cans. The GB series metal can beader is customized or standard produced base on sample.


Seaming quality is very important for the quality cans, the easiest to leak is the weld seam and sealing seam. The machine that fixes the bottom and cover onto can body is named as cam seamer or can seaming machine. GR Can Making Machine develops many types of can sealing machine for food cans, general line cans, paint cans and pail seaming machine for chemical pails. The GS-A automatic can sealer or pail seamer is widely applied in different sector of metal packaging industry. With good quality of seaming roll and seaming head, it ensures the tightness of seaming.


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