Can Making Machine

Tin can making machine and tin can production line made by GR to speed up your can making

Tin Can Making Machine and Tin Can Production Line

Can production line and can making machinery for the manufacturing of metal containers

Paint Can Production Line

For the industrial packaging sector, the chemical package solution is various with general line cans, so our metal can production line is designed as flexible, depending on the shape and speed of metal containers, to meet the various requirements of round cans, rectangular cans and square cans. GR designs and manufactures 1-5L paint can production line, 1-6L rectangular can making line, 18L square can making line, 18L conical pail production line, necking pail making line or cylinder pail manufacturing line for our customer. Every set of can making machine meets the special requirement of paints, coatings and adhesives.

Food Can Production Line

In canning industry, the canned food, pet food, drink, or beverage are commonly packaged in tin containers, like sanitary cans, food cans, drink cans, beverage cans, milk powder cans, DRD cans or DR cans, regardless three piece welded cans or two piece drawn cans, we design reasonable solution and install the 3 piece can making line or 2 piece can making line for customers. Our can body welding line runs with the combination machine for flanging, beading, necking and seaming. Our 18L cubic can line is suitable for oil or cheese cans. Our CNC production line draws the tinplate as round cans, rectangular cans etc.

Aerosol Can Production Line

The aerosol should be filled into metal cans, so the pressure and air tightness are high standard requirements. Our aerosol can production line is equipped with in line automatic leak tester, to inspect the leakage of aerosol cans, ensure the quality reputation of our customer and safe standard. The can testers employ high precise detect sensors. Our CNC aerosol cone production line and CNC aerosol dome production line can manufacture the precise component to match the can body, the aerosol cones and aerosol domes are injected with lacquer compound by lining machine and dried by can lid induction oven.

Can Making Line for Three Piece Cans

The welded can is composited of three pieces, can body, can lid and can bottom. Our three piece can making line adopts flexible design concept, the whole line includes tinplate slitting machine, canbody welding machine, seam protection system, induction curing system, can expanding machine, can flanging machine, can beading machine, can necking machine, embossing or paneling machine, can seaming machine, ear welding machine, wire handle moulding-attaching machine, can testing machine, can palletizing machine, can bundling machine or can strapping machine for any size and shape of cans, pails, drums etc. metal containers.

Can Making Equipment for Promotional Tins

Promotional tin box can be designed as 3 piece lock seam cans or 2 piece tins. For the lock seam tin cans, they are commonly used to package consumer goods, such as wine tins, candy tins, tea tins, chocolate tins, cookie tins, fancy tins, gift tins or specialty tins. The 2 piece tin box can be punched as round tins, rectangular tins, square tins, heart shape tins, star tins, oval tins or other special shape. GR produces can body lock seaming machine as combined and automatic, this type of automatic can making equipment can significantly increase the production speed. GR also produces strip feeder, sheet feeder and automatic punching machine for decorative tin box of premium and luxury products.

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