Can Making Machine

Shantou GR Machine Co., Ltd specializes in can making and drum making machine production line for the can production

Can Making and Drum Making Machine

Food paint aerosol can production line and can making machinery for the manufacturing of tin containers

Can Making Machine

Can making machine includes can body making machine and can end making machine. The tin can making machinery is classified as paint can making machine, food can making machine and aerosol can making machine. The metal can manufacturing machine such as round can making machine, rectangular can making machine, square can making machine or irregular can making machine are suitable for different shapes of tin containers. Regardless any type of tin can making machine, for example, 3 piece can making machine or 2 piece can making machine, GR is able to supply proper can making solution for you.

Tin Can Production Line

Tin can production line made by GR is good and reliable for the can making. The can body production line includes gang slitter, can welder, can coater, induction oven, necker, flanger, beader, expander, seamer, lug welder, handle mounter, leak detector and bundler. The can end production line includes strip feeder or sheet feeder, stamping press, curler, liner, vertical pocket oven or horizontal induction drier, handle saddle spot welder and stacker. The steel or galvanized pail production line, metal drum production line, and tin box production line are also manufactured by GR that is your friendly partner for can making.

Can Production Line

Can production line is classified by process as 3 piece can production line and 2 piece can production line, by filled content and application field as paint can production line, food can production line and aerosol can production line, by shape as round can production line, rectangular can production line and square can production line. GR produces all types of can manufacturing line for each market segment, our metal can production lines cover the sectors of tin cans, conical pails, galvanized buckets, necking pails, cylinder pails, stainless steel water heater tanks and decorative tins. GR supports your can production.

Three Piece Can Making Line

Three piece can making machine production line is suitable for 3 piece can (welded can) that is composited of can body, can lid and can bottom. GR three piece can production line adopts flexible design concept, the whole line includes tinplate slitting machine, canbody welding machine, seam protection system, induction curing system, can expanding machine, can flanging machine, can beading machine, can necking machine, embossing or paneling machine, can seaming machine, ear welding machine, wire handle moulding-attaching machine, can testing machine, can palletizing machine, can bundling machine or can strapping machine for any size and shape of cans, pails, drums etc. metal containers. 3 piece can making line made by GR is second to none.

Can Making Equipment for Promotional Tins

Can making machinery equipment systems is widely used to promote tin packing. Promotional tin box can be designed as 3 piece lock seam cans or 2 piece tins. For the lock seam tin cans, they are commonly used to package consumer goods, such as wine tins, candy tins, tea tins, chocolate tins, cookie tins, fancy tins, gift tins or specialty tins. The 2 piece tin box can be punched as round tins, rectangular tins, square tins, heart shape tins, star tins, oval tins or other special shape. GR produces can body lock seaming machine as combined and automatic, this type of automatic can making equipment can significantly increase the production speed. GR also produces strip feeder, sheet feeder and automatic punching machine for decorative tin box of premium and luxury products.

Can Making Machinery

Shantou GR Machine Co., Ltd provides canmaking systems for each can maker in can manufacturing and metal packaging industry


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