2 Piece Can Making Line

DRD Can Making Systems and 2 Piece Tin Box Production Line

Can Line Can Machine Two Piece Can

2 piece can making machine assembly line is used to produce draw-redraw cans, deep drawn cans, two piece tin boxes, 2-piece metal boxes and fish cans such as tuna cans or sardine cans. The two piece can production line can be designed for round cans, rectangular cans, or irregular cans. The 2 piece can making systems are widely applied in metal packaging industry for canning containers, pet food cans or ink cans. The can making machinery plays important role in metal packing sector for two-piece can making.
Two Piece Can Manufacturing Line for DRD Cans GCAN-D

Two Piece Can Manufacturing Line for DRD Cans GCAN-D


1. The sheets are loaded and fed by automatic feeder.

2. The cupping press blanks and draws the sheet into shallow cups with die.

3. After the cup is drawn, the edge of the cup is curled.

All the above stations are connected by lifter and conveyor as fully automatic stream line.


Maximum sheet size: 1200*1200mm

Load pallet capacity: 3T

Feed precision: ±0.10mm

Maximum feeding speed: 48m/min

Changing over time of blank: 1-2 second

Speed: Max. 500cpm

Two Piece Tin Box Production Line GTIN-B

Two Piece Tin Box Production Line GTIN-B


  • Automatic and versatile

  • Reduce of manufacturing cost

  • Improving the production speed

  • Sucking step by step

  • Available to changing over tool

Speed: 20-35 cans/min.
Sheet thickness: 0.17-1mm
Sheet temper: T1.5-T4
Blank size: W230*L1000mm
Driving: servo motor
Process: strip feeding-blanking-fining-pre bending-curling 

2 Piece Can Making Systems for Draw-Redraw Tuna Sardine Cans

2 piece can production line for draw-redraw deep drawn cans and tin box

2 Piece DRD Can Production Line

2 piece can making line for deep drawn cans or drawn cans made by GR is suitable for round cans, rectangular cans, irregular cans, or bowl shape cans. GCAN-D 2 piece can production line consists of automatic sheet feeder, cupping press (blank press), gantry press or deep throat press and dies. The process comprise feeding, blanking and trimming, deep drawing or final drawing (including embossing or paneling). The in-line camera visual inspector is available. If you want to produce DRD cans, DR cans, DWI cans, our stamping line for two piece cans is available.

The two piece can making line consists of

1 Automatic feeder of two piece can making line

The CNC production line of two piece can requires the sheet feeder to load stack of tinplate sheet, then feed the whole line for continuously production.

2 Press of two piece can production line

The press of two piece can making production line is high precise, the blanking press or cupping press punch the basic shape of drawn cans, then blow the can via conveyor to the next pressing station for trimming.

3 Multi tools or single tool

On the gantry press, it can be equipped with multi tools for high speed production, and on the single tool is also available.


How does the 2 piece metal can manufacturing line work?

1 Sucking and feeding metal sheets

The sheet loader affords stack of tinplate sheets, and the sucking disc sucks the tinplate and feed to the next station.

2 Punching and drawing

The first station press blanks the basic can body, the second station press is trimming press, it cut the edge of flanging neatly.

3 Control box

The control box can set the parameter, count and record the data, and adjust the production line. The whole line electric device and automation is managed by the control box.



1 Precise

The tool of the DRD can making line or DR can making machine are process by special tool material by our high precise CNC machining center, it is created precisely according to your can sample or design drawing. The fully automatic can punching line use international brand name electric device.

2 High utilization

The sheet feeding can be designed as Zig-Zag feeding, then the can maker can save material and make full use of it.

3 Multi lane

For the high speed production line of drawn cans, the multi lanes to match multi tools are available.



The drawn can making machine production line is not only used to produce metal drawn containers, but also suitable for bowl shape container. It is suitable for light drawn cans, deep drawn cans, round cans, rectangular cans, bowl shape cans.


Customize your two piece can manufacturing machine

If you want to produce 2 piece drawn cans and need the two piece can manufacturing equipment, please send your can information to us.

1 Inside diameter

2 Can height

3 Sheet thickness and material

4 Production speed

2 Piece Tin Box Production Line 

Tin box production line made by GR is applied to produce two piece tin boxes or one piece tins. It is designed based on the sample and fully automatic. GTIN-B tin production line comprises the following stages: automatic servo strip feeder, blanking press, trimming press, pre curling press, curling press. The tin making line is flexible for a variety of tin shapes, for example, round tin, square tin, rectangular tin, heart shape tin, oval tin, tin bottom, tin lid etc. For different space room and speed requirements, the automatic conveyor can be designed as linear conveyor or independent manipulator.


The tin making line consists of

1 Tinplate feeder of 2 piece tin making machine

For the small quantity production, the feeder can be designed as strip feeder, and for the big quantity and fast production, the tinplate feeder can be designed as sheet feeder

2 Pressing machine of 2 piece tin making line

The blanking press is the first station to cut the tinplate, also named as cupping press, to form the basic shape of the metal tins. Other press is used to trimming, pre-curling, curling etc.

3 CNC electric box and conveyor of tin manufacturing machine

CNC control box is used to unify whole line control, then the pressing machine on each station and run smoothly and cooperate each other, this is the core technology of automation of gift tin production line.


How does the tin box production line work

1 Suction and feeding

The suction disc on feeder will suck the tinplate with double sheet detection, then convey the tinplate sheet to the blank press one by one and continuously.

2 The tool of press forms the shape of metal tins.

For the metal box forming, the tool plays a key role in the tin box making line. The tools are designed according to the tin samples or tin drawing.

3. The press blow the tin works and the off-cut material or scraps, each pressing station punch the tin works step by step.

4 The conveyor conveys and connect each station

Between each tin making press, the conveyor will coordinate each press and enable the smooth production press.



1 Automation

The 2 piece tin box production line is fully automatic, it can be changed over tool for various shapes and sizes of tin containers. The automation design can increase the production capacity and reduce the management cost.

2 Flexible

The 2 piece tin manufacturing line is designed for the promotional tins industry, in this sector of metal packaging industry, there are wide varieties of tins, and for each tin maker, their workshop room is various, so the tin box making solution is flexible, depending on your requirements.



The tin box manufacturing line can be applied in two piece or one piece tins, tin lids, tin cover or tin bottoms. According to the types of tins, the tin box manufacturing equipment can be used to produce the following tins.

Shape: round tin, square tin, rectangular tin, irregular tin, star tin etc.

Composite: two piece tin body, one piece tin can, three piece tin cover, three piece tin bottom, three piece tin lid etc.


Customize your tin manufacturing equipment

If you need the tin manufacturing machine production line, due to the technological process and tin samples varieties, we need to know the detail.

1 It is better if you can offer tin sample or tin picture

2 Speed requirement

3 Your workshop area

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