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Tin Can Making Machine Manufacturer

Tin can making machine and cap making machine are the core business of GR factory, our continuous exploration of cutting-edge technology and in-depth understanding of customer needs enable us to apply our expertise and technology to the metal forming and packaging industries.

As a senior manufacturer of can making machinery and cap making machinery, we maintain an open vision, continue to invest in technical research, transform big data and artificial intelligence technology into the can packaging industry, and continue to create value for customers.

Tin Can Production Line Supplier

Tin can production line is the source of metal cans, consumer taste and industrial standards are important factors in the packaging industry. GR goes deep into the front line of market, understands the individuality of consumer product packaging, and investigates industrial packaging trends.

As a leading supplier of can making equipment and cap making equipment, we continue to optimize the management process, our workshop strictly implements the 5S standard, and continues to supply high-quality products to the market.

Can Making Machine Factory

GR is a can making machine factory in Shantou City China. We build and install complete production lines for three piece cans, two piece cans, general line cans and twist off caps. Including welding bodymakers, lock seam bodymakers, bodyformers, endmaking systems, capmaking systems, DRD can deep-drawn systems and tin box punching systems.

In our factory, you can see that many CNC machining centers are running to process the spare parts of tin can machines, lots of electrical and mechanical engineers are concentrating on assembling tin can production line, many professional designers are dedicating to the technology of can-making lines and cap-making lines, the whole factory is fully of vitality and positive atmosphere, this is why we can supply so many can-making machines and cap-making machines around the world and get a good reputation on the market.

Who is GR

The manufacturer who will install can making line and cap making line in your plant.

GR, a dedicated manufacturing factory of can making machinery and cap making machinery, is responsible for the production and management of a complete range of metal packaging systems, expressly suitable for metal cans as well as metal caps.

GR is a fast-growing company, providing end-to-end solutions from research to product launch with multiple manufacturing facilities based out of Shantou. The company is highly specialized, catering to segment of metal packing.

GR is a leading-edge science and technologically advanced machine manufacturing facility that holds the potential for substantial enhancements to quality and output of metal cans and caps. It is sustained by trained and highly experienced teams of professionals including production managers, dedicated quality units and logistical support; working constantly towards the multidimensional growth of the company.

How is GR

Whose corporate philosophy is good & reliable.
Whose quality control is good & reliable.
Whose product quality is good & reliable.
Whose technology is good & reliable.
Whose customer service is good & reliable.

GR is dedicated to developing breakthrough products through constant research and innovation. The products include complete production line for metal cans and complete production line for metal caps.

Our state-of-the-art machines are well-defined productivity tools guided by the latest norms of CE certification that comply with safety and meet all kinds of regulatory requirement norms. We also focus on appointment of an experienced and qualified team of professionals hailing from mechanical, electrical, programming, software and engineering backgrounds.

We earn the trust of those we serve, by carrying out high standards of quality. Our greatly competent employees fulfil bulk order requirements within precise time frames efficiently.

Why GR

The only reason you choose us is good and reliable.

Sophisticated manufacturing experience for metal sheet slitter, can body welder, seam protection system, seam curing system, can flanger, can beader, can seaming macchine, can tester, can strapping machine, can end making machine and cap making machine.

Highly technical, professional team in each department.

Well-equipped production facility.

Innovative and stable Technology.

Extensive customer base with all top can makers, cap makers, canning factory, and metal packaging companies.

We’re well prepared for an industry with a growing, diversified package requirements and strive to continuously evolve to fulfil these ever-increasing package needs. Our efforts are supported by a well-equipped facility that is technically sophisticated.

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