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Can Production: Metal Packaging Industry Investment Report

Insight and foresight

We have been engaged in metal packing industry for many years, and keep a alliance relationship with upstream and downstream industry chain. We are not only expert in our metal packaging system such as slitter, canbody welding center, can coating equipment, induction curing equipment, can flanging equipment, can beading equipment, can necking equipment, can seaming equipment, can expanding equipment, can paneling equipment, can embossing equipment, can curling equipment, can testing equipment, can palletizing equipment, can bundling equipment, can strapping equipment, end making equipment, cap making equipment, pail making equipment, but also know well about the tinplate, metal components, and metal packaging market. If you want to enter into the new industry for you, we can issue report and offer big data for you to estimate the investment value.

After Sale Service for Can Production Line and Cap Production Line

Warm and timely

All the can making machines and cap making machines manufactured by GR are included in the after sale service system. This is the base of our long term relationship with our customers.

Customer choose GR as metal packaging system supplier, we listen to their voice thoughtfully, provide professional advice, make scientific solution for their production plan, and help them to stand firm in the market.

Each contract is under special management, whether the products are customized or standard specifications, we record the details of customer’s products and our machines or production line. After the installation and commissioning, we regularly conduct customer return visit to understand the use of equipment, to ensure that the can making line or cap making line runs smoothly.

In our global after sale service system, customer experience is our important focus, whether you use our welding bodymaker system, endmaking equipment, lockside bodymaker system, or cap making system, feel free to response to us, and we will combine our research and your feedback to improve and optimize the can making equipment or cap making equipment.

Spare Parts of Can Making Equipment and Cap Making Equipment

Plug & play, speed delivery

GR creates a complete spare part supplying system during the long term development. In our warehouse, not only the commonly use key accessories, but also many mechanical and electrical spare parts are stocked on the shelf.

Before each delivery of spare parts, we will check the contract, confirm that each detail is correct specially for the tailor made machine. This will ensure your smooth production and avoid any delay.

Our spare parts team will keep in touch with customer after each delivery of spare parts, until the spare parts reach customer side smoothly. In fact, most of our electric device and pneumatic device are international brand, we will inform you the model No. of device, then you also can get the device on local market if necessary. And our engineers will guide you how to replace the spare device.

Staff Training

Know-how to operation and safety

All can making machines and cap making machines made by GR are manufactured in accordance with CE certification standard and approved deservedly. We consider each detail during designing to protect the operator safety. Even the machine technology and quality are stable, the staff training is still very important. This is not only related to the maintenance of the production line, but also related to the safety of staff.
Classroom training at GR: theoretical training of systems and process steps, education of code of practice.
Work floor training at GR: practical training on each of the individual machines.
Training at customer’s plant: additional training during start-up and production.
Step-by-step instructions, documented in paper or digitally.

Field Service for Metal Can Production Line and Metal Cap Production Line

Real situation onsite

Each engineer flying to customer side is senior in metal packaging industry. They will try their best to provide onsite service for our customers.
Installation, commissioning, and skill training
Machine repair and overhauls
Trouble shooting
Technology upgrades or kits conversion

Maintenance Service for Tin Can Production Line and Cap Making Line

Enthusiastic and professional

Even the machine is normal running without any error, we still recommend you maintain the equipment periodically.
Inspection and lubrication of machine
Replacement of worn out parts and oil fillings
Retrofits and polishing
Resetting of all tools to match the specification
Spare parts update and recommendation
Detail optimization

Infrastructure Planning for Can Making Plant and Cap Making Plant

Support the foreseeable future

GR is the leading manufacturer of complete production line for tin cans and tin caps, in order to arrange the whole plant equipment successfully, we will inform customers in advance to prepare the infrastructure for can making system and cap making system.
Workshop area
Equipment footprint
Electric power supply and wiring arrangement
Compressed air supply
Cooling water supply
Chemical material such as side seam coating powder, seam coating lacquer, lining compound, copper wire, tinplate, wire handle, plastic handle, lug ear etc. components.

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