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Tin Box Production Line for Tin Making and Can Making Industry

Fancy Cookie Candy Decorative Metal Tin Box Making Line

Can bodymaker or lock seam bodymaker is used to produce the lock seaming tin boxes, tin cans and tin containers. also named as lockseaming bodymaker. The automatic bodymaker can match with automatic tin box flanging machine, tin box beading machine, tin box seaming machine as one complete tin box making line.
GR Can Body Maker

GR Can Body Maker

With senior experience in the manufacturing of tin box equipment, GR has developed series of body forming machines and body shaping machines for tin makers. With the flexible design, GR ensures minimal investments costs and maximum performance for all customers due to the versatility of body making machine. GR has a good reputation in tin making machine industry due to its wonderful design level even for the most complex 3 piece tin bodies. Thanks to the combinatorial integration technology, you just need an automatic body maker to replace all the machines such as the rolling machine, corner cutting machine, hook bending machine, seam locking machine, and stamping machine. After the automatic bodymaker, automatic tin flanger, automatic tin beader, and automatic tin seamer are available.


  • Automatic and combined for feeding, pre-curling, corner cutting, folding, forming, and seam locking

  • Versatile for round, square, rectangular and heart shape

  • Easy to change over tool and operate

  • Equipped with touch screen

Lock Seam Bodymaker GBM-S

Lock Seam Bodymaker GBM-S

With its compact structure, GBM-S bodymaker is suitable for the production of small tins.
Another horizontal flanging station installed on the exit of GBM-S body maker is available, significantly improving the efficiency and simplifying the production process.
All GR body makers are fully automatic and combined.

Blank length: 160-379mm
Blank width: 50-220mm
Speed: 20-50cpm
Weight: 2200kg
Dimensions: 2600*1600*1800mm

Lock Seaming Bodymaker GBM-M

Lock Seaming Bodymaker GBM-M

GBM-M is special launched to cover the range of medium size of tins.
The design of all GR bodymakers allows our customer to change over can shapes and sizes quicker than ever before.
Thanks to the programming capability, all GR body making machines are equipped with touch screen to improve the interactions with user.
Double sheet detectors on strip feeder ensure all GR can bodymaker will smoothly run from the first step.

Blank length: 200-850mm
Blank width: 50-300mm
Speed: 20-45cpm
Weight: 2200kg
Dimensions: 3000*1600*1800mm

Body Making Machine GBM-L

Body Making Machine GBM-L

It is the fruitful result that GR has in the manufacturing of tin box machine that led to the development of GBM-L bodymaker for big size tins.
All GR bodymakers continuously stretch the boundaries and keep backward compatibility with older generation machines.
GBM-L body maker allows to connect stamping press for embossing patterns on the tin bodies.

Blank length: 500-1080mm
Blank width: 50-300mm
Speed: 20-45cpm
Weight: 3500kg
Dimensions: 3000*2600*1800mm

Lock Seaming Machine - Seam Locking Machine

lockside bodymaker and tin box flanger beader seamer

How does the can body maker work?

1 Blank feeding of can body making machine

The tinplate strip is put as stack on the automatic feeder of can body maker, then the strip will be sucked by suction cup piece by piece and sent to the next station.

2 Pre-curling of seaming lock bodymaker

When the tinplate is fed into the machine, the feeding roller will curl the edge of strip slightly, preparing for the future forming of tin box body.

3 Corner cutting of lock seaming bodymaker

The corner of the tinplate will be cut, preparing for the following station of tin can body.

4 Folding, forming and seam locking of can body making machine

For the three piece non welded can, tin box or metal container, the side seam is not welding, it is seam lock by the edge of the tinplate, so the tinplate should be bended firstly according to the required shape, then forming the hooks on the edge, and locking each other together as side seam. This process can by completed by one set of automatic and combination tool on the tin can seam locking machine.

5 Flanging of tin box machine

If the can diameter is less than 150mm, after the output of the automatic bodymaker of tin box, GR can produce a automatic horizontal flanging machine closed to the output tool of combination bodymaker, then flange the edge of can body simultaneously. And the tin box maker does not need to install an independent tin box flanger.



1 Automation and combination

For the conventional technology, the curling, corner cutting, bending, hook forming, shape forming, seam locking are completed by independent machine, this solution is low efficient and high production cost, for GR automatic tin box making machine, all the stations are combined as one machine, by changing over the tool for any shape of gift tins, biscuit tins, food tins, fancy tins etc. This is smart, automatic and combined solution for tin production.

2 Cost reduction

For the conventional technology, each station and each machine require one worker to operate the single machine, the speed is low, but the cost is high. And for our automatic tin box making line, each station is combined as little machines, the worker just need to put the tinplate on the machine and start it. Everything is automatic.

3 Flexible and multi-functional

For different shape of three piece non welding cans, the shape and size changed is just to changing over one set of tool on the machine, the soft design concept is very popular in the general line tins.



For the 3 piece tin box, the tin box making machine can be changed over tool for different types of tins.

*Shape: round tin box, square tin box, rectangular tin box, irregular tin box, triangle tin etc.

*Function: fancy cans, gift cans, biscuit cans, candle cans, food cans, toy cans etc.


Customize your automatic tin body maker

For your metal tins, we need to know the shape and size in details.

1 It is better to send the sample picture of your tins to us if possible

2 The blank length and blank width of your tin body blank

3 The shape of your tin containers

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