Can Palletizer Strapper

Can Handling Equipment and Conical Pail Stacker

Can Palletizer Strapping Machine Stretch Wrap Machine

Can palletizing machine is used to palletize all the cans in the end of stream line, also named as can palletizer. After palletizing, the can wrapping machine is used to coil the pallets of cans by film, also name as can wrapper. For the irregular cans, can bundler or can strapper is used to bundle the cans by hot melted adhesive tapes, also named as can bundling machine or can strapping machine.
Can Bundling Machine for Metal Cans

Can Bundling Machine for Metal Cans

  • Specially designed for 18L square cans

  • Fully automatic can feeding, locating, strap feeding and strap bundling

  • Flexible in-line for fully automatic or semi automatic can making line

  • The innovative product in metal packaging industry

Can Strapping Machine for Tin Containers

Can Strapping Machine for Tin Containers

Replacement for manual bundling, substantial cost saving.
Identical tightness of the knot, no scratches or deforms on the metal containers
The top can end is covered during bundling, avoiding foreign object to fall into metal cans.
Easy to operate and maintain, versatile for wide range of can size
Equipped with touch screen

Can Palletizer

Can Palletizer


Can Diameter: 50-153mm

Can Height: max. 240mm

Speed: 300 cans/min (depend on the can diameter)

Pallet Size: 1100x1400mm

Power: 3kw

Dimensions: 7000x1800x3000mm

Can Bundling Machine - Can Strapping Machine

can bundler and can strapper

After the metal containers are completed, at the end of the production line, the can making factory need to employ workers to bundle the cans, this station wastes much labor cost. In order to help can makers reduce cost. GR develops the automatic in-line tin can bundling machine or pail bundling machine. The machine unscrambles the cans or pails, and feeds them into the bundling station that apply hot melted adhesive tape to strap the cans or pails as bundle. So this machine is also name tin can bundler or metal pail bundler. Our tin can strapping machine or metal pail strapping machine can be installed after the can manufacturing line and leak tester. When you complete all the process, each can or pail on the conveyor will be conveyed to the tin can strapper or metal pail strapper. Then the machine will automatically count the number of cans or pails, the bar will arrange the metal containers as a group and wrap the tape around the group of containers, the tape will be melted automatically. Then all the cans or pails will be bundled successfully.

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