Cap Making Machine

Aluminum Cap Making Machine and Lug Cap Making Machine

Metal Twist Off Lug Cap Making Machine Production Line

Cap making machine production line for twist off caps (lug caps) is widely applied to produce the metal caps of glass jars. And the aluminum cap production line is commonly used to produce the bottle caps such as ROPP caps or RO caps. GR cap making line is fully automatic and cost effective, including sheet feeding machine, punching machine, cap forming machine, cap lining machine, cap drying machine, cap knurling machine, cap wadding machine, and cap threading machine.
Lug Cap Making Line GCAP-T

Lug Cap Making Line GCAP-T


1. The sheets are loaded and fed by automatic feeder for the twist off cap making line.

2. The cupping press blanks and draws the sheet into shallow cups with die.

3. After the cup is drawn, the edge of the cup is hemmed and curled, the lugs which fit into the threads of container are then formed in the curled edge, and sealing compound is applied around the closure, all the process is completed.

4. The oven dries the sealing compound.

5. The counter separates the caps on fixed quantity for wrapping.

All the above stations are connected by lifter and conveyor as fully automatic twist off cap production line.

Screw Cap Making Machine Production Line for Threaded Closures

Screw Cap Making Machine Production Line for Threaded Closures

Application for the production of:

Screw caps

Threaded caps

Screw closures

Threaded closures

Cap Making Line for Tin Aluminum Bottle Jar Closures

aluminum cap making line and twist off cap production line

High Speed Sheet Feeder

Electrical Control System

Fast and high-performance electrical devices

Programmable Controller PC:

Receive PT and control button data, input signal for calculation. Then output the corresponding signal to actuator.

Human-machine Interface PT;

Provides a simple and convenient interface for the staff and the machine. The interface is easy to operate.

Mechanical part:

The mechanical structure of the machine is made of U-steel by welding to ensure the weight of the machine body and enhance its stability.


Gantry Press

The accuracy of the whole machine reaches the first level accuracy

Steel plate welding, high rigid frame

The double crankshaft rotates in the opposite direction to cancel each other's side forces

Fixed number of strokes

Combined wet friction clutch

Optional multiple cutter valves and blowing valves.

Hydraulic overload protection device

Electric mode adjustment, digital display

Lifting balance cylinder device, double solenoid valve

Electric thick oil forced lubrication system

The balance cylinder adopts a manual thin oil lubrication system

Integrated panel (including electronic cam, touch screen)

Brand international contactors, buttons

Equipped with a set of blowing device

Optional photoelectric protection device, frequency conversion speed regulation, and slider feeding device


Deep Throat Press

Steel plate welding, high rigid frame

Combined dry pneumatic friction clutch and brake

Gear pair is immersed in oil for lubrication

Rectangular six-sided extended rail

Rigid collapse protection device

Lifting balance cylinder device

Double solenoid valve

The balance cylinder adopts an electric concentrated oil forced lubrication system

Integrated panel (including electronic cam)

International brand PLC control, buttons, switches, and air switches


Cap Former

This machine is a high-strength steel body. The body material is quenched and tempered before secondary processing to eliminate the internal stress of the material itself, so as not to affect the assembly accuracy of the machine. To maximize the accuracy of the machine during long-term operation.

The main operation of the machine adopts the principle of mechanical movement, through a series of complex mechanical transmission precision combinations such as gears, cams, groove wheels, dials, etc., so as to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy and high stability of the machine.

In order to ensure the control and handling of abnormal situations during the production process, the machine adopts advanced PLC electronic precision control system and human-friendly human-machine interface touch screen to realize a series of high-intelligence combination control from the start-up to the product buffering of upstream, full lid pause in downstream, cap feeding induction positioning, finished product positioning and air outputting, and cap-stacking fault induction alarm.

In order to be able to produce a variety of different types of bottle cap products, and save costs for small and medium-sized enterprises to avoid repeated purchases of machines, this combined equipment can produce and form various types of bottle cap products from 30#--110# and so on by changing the mold.

The external electronic control system is integrated with the adjustment control button of the machine, which is convenient for operation and adjustment.

In order to ensure that the products are free of scratches and scratches during the production process, this machine adopts a multi-station transportation method to ensure that the product runs independently between each processing station.

In order to maximize the efficiency of the machine itself, the double lane former is available to finish the pre-curling, curling, and lugging process.



The system adopts the PLC and touch screen system, applies the most advanced industrial control and numerical control technology today, and can be continuously upgraded according to the development of science and technology. It has an industrial-grade touch screen operation, which can meet all the requirements of various bottle cap processes. It has the characteristics of high control accuracy, fast running speed, stable performance, easy operation and easy learning. In addition, the user program interface is relatively intuitive, with input and output signal detection functions, fault diagnosis functions, and real-time display operating status functions. This liner is suitable for various harsh industrial environments, and adopts a PLC controller with multiple input and output interfaces, a high-torque motor, a high-reliability drive, and a precision reducer.


Drying Machine

The shell material is made of cold-rolled steel plate by bending and welding. The surface is polished and phosphate to prevent rust and corrosion. The inner tank is made of stainless steel mirror panel to keep the inner tank clean and dust-free, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. It is heated by infrared heating tube. The PID is used to automatically calculate the output power, the closer to the temperature setting, the smaller the output power, to achieve the purpose of constant temperature control, and can save energy and electricity. When the actual detection temperature exceeds the set value of the over-temperature protection thermostat, the heating power will be automatically cut off, which has a dual protection function and is equipped with a phase sequence protector.

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