Can End Making Line

Automatic Sheet Feeder Strip Feeder Punching Machine Curling Machine Lining Machine Drying Machine

End Making Line - Sheet Feeder Press Curler Liner Dryer

End making equipment is used to produce the rings, lids, bottoms and covers. The end making system can be assembled as fully automatic can end production line, in the can end making line, it includes sheet feeder, press, curling machine, compound lining machine, pocket vertical drying machine, horizontal induction drying machine and handle saddle spot welder.
GR Can End Making Line

GR Can End Making Line

1 Aerosol cone production line GEM-CONE

2 Aerosol dome production line GEM-DOME

3 Can ring production line GEM-RLB

4 Can cover production line GEM-RLB

5 Can bottom production line GEM-RLB

EndMaking Equipment CNC (Sheet Feeding)

EndMaking Equipment CNC (Sheet Feeding)

  • Hydraulic lift loader

  • Automatic sheet feeding

  • Zig-Zag, tri-axis feeding

  • Roller transition

  • Roller discharge for scrap

  • Outlet conveying

  • Common for scroll sheets and straight sheets

End-Making Machine (Strip Feeding)

End-Making Machine (Strip Feeding)

  • Servo feeding

  • Automatic lift

  • Double sheet detection

  • Outlet detection

  • 55epm with pneumatic press

  • Economic solution

Punch and Tool for Lugs or Ears

Punch and Tool for Lugs or Ears

  • Based on the sample size

  • Various feeding solution

  • Applied to the conical pails or paint cans

One-Time Forming Mold for Conical Pail Crowns

One-Time Forming Mold for Conical Pail Crowns

  • One time forming

  • Tailor made

  • Finishing mold

  • Process saving

Automatic Metal Can Lid Curler

Automatic Metal Can Lid Curler


  • With automatic stacker


End diameter: 1-5L round ends

Speed: 18-25epm

Sheet thickness: 0.2-0.35mm

Motor power: 0.37kw

Dimensions: 1300*880*1020mm

Weight: 210kg

Handle Saddle Spot Clip Welder for Can Lids GEM-W

Handle Saddle Spot Clip Welder for Can Lids GEM-W

GEM-W handle saddle spot welder is the great invention for can end making industry, it is automatic and labor saving.


  • Automatic feeding of handle

  • Automatic feeding of saddle

  • Automatic feeding of can lids

  • Automatic welding

Speed: 30 epm
Application range: round lids, rectangular lids, square lids

Peel Off End Making Machine Heat-Sealing Systems with Ring Press GEM-POE

Peel Off End Making Machine Heat-Sealing Systems with Ring Press GEM-POE


  • equipped with touch screen

  • servo drive, sealing foil is punched by the most economical way to save material

  • pre-heat and sealing temperature are adjustable, controlled by the modules automatically and independently


 1. end feeding
 2. hole punching
 3. drawing and pre-curling
 4. foil punching and pre-sealing
 5. sealing
 6. embossing

speed: 60-110 ppm
end size: 202-701, round or rectangular 

End Making Machine - Can End Production Line

endmaking equipment and can end liner drier

Can end making line consists of

1 Punching machine of endmaking system

The punching machine is commonly used to produce the can ends, can lids, can bottom, can covers, can rings, can lugs etc. This is the fist station of can end making system.

2 Curling machine of can end production line

The can end curler is usually connected after press, used to curl the edge of can end preparing for the next lining.

3 Liner and drier of can end making line

For the three piece welded tin container, the can end need to be injected with lining compound inside the curling, preventing the containers from leaking. The lining machine and drying machine can be combined as vertical combined lining and drying machine, or separated as two machines. If the can end drying machine is separate from the can end liner, the can end drier is commonly designed as horizontal. In order to protect environment and save energy, the horizontal can end drier is designed as induction drying oven. The induction drier is more and more popular on the market, its speed can meet the requirement of high speed EOE making line.


How does the endmaking line work?

1 Feeding tinplate

For the endmaking production line, the tinplate can be fed automatically or manually. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce cost, fully automatic can end production line is more popular now a days.

2 Metal forming base on the size

The tinplate sheets are punched as design, according to the shape of can body, the can lids can be punch round, square, rectangular, cone, dome shape etc.

3 Corrosion and leakage proof protection

After the can ends are manufactured, the edge of end inside the curl will be filled with protection compound, then the tightness and durability are higher.



1 Combination tool

For the conventional technology of aerosol cone production, it requires many sets of press to process the cone shape step by step, the production speed is low, the occupying land size is long, the worker number is big, so the cost is very high. Our combination tool for aerosol cone can solve the problem, just one set of combination tool to process after blanking.

2 Cost reduction

Our can end induction curing system is used widely, this will help the can making factory to reduce production cost significantly.

3 Fully automatic

In order to improve the automation level, we optimize the can lid manufacturing line, even the handle-saddle component on the top can end, we still can make it as automatic production. This is our innovation technology in metal packaging industry.



According to the type of can end, the can end production line can be classified as below.

1 Aerosol cone production line

2 Aerosol dome production line

3 Can ring production line

4 Can cover production line

5 Can bottom production line

According to the shape of can end, the end making production line an be classified as below

1 Aerosol cone making line

2 Aerosol dome making line

3 Can Ring making line

4 Round can end making line

5 Square can end making line

6 Rectangular can end making line



Our metal end making line is widely used in various shape of metal containers.

Conical pail bottom, conical pail crown, drum bottom, drum cover, paint can ring, paint can bottom, paint can cover, easy open end, peel off lid, ring lid tagger RLT lids, square can end, rectangular can end and round can end.


Customize your metal can end production line

GR produce flexible machine for tin can ends based on the customer requirements, if you need the metal can end making line, we need the details of your product.

1 Product sample or picture if possible

2 Can end diameter

3 Sheet thickness

4 Production speed

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