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Leak Testing Machine for Metal and Plastic Containers

Leak Detector Leak Tester Machine Can Pail Drum Bottle

Leak detector is used to detect and reject the leaking containers, also named as leak tester or can detector. The leak detecting machine can be designed as carrousel or linear, if the can or pail is leaking, the leak testing machine will eliminate it automatically. So, the can tester is the quality assurance for a can making line. The can testing machine is not only suitable for metal cans, pails, drums, but also suitable for plastic bottles, then the can detecting machine is widely applied in metal packaging and plastic container industry.
GR Tester

GR Tester

Can Testing Machine by Air
GR designs and manufactures leak testing machine for various types of metal containers or plastic containers. In our company, we have created a data bank for leak testing based on long term technology accumulation. This is the benchmark of can making industry. The data bank is not for profit, it is for science.

The Core is Software
For the leak testing machine, you are not buying a machine frame, you are buying a precise and scientific system to detect, this is the core technology of a leak testing machine. Do not evaluate the machine on weight or appearance, evaluate the machine on software program.

In-Line Leak Tester
All our leak tester for metal cans or plastic cans can be installed after the production line, then the cans are conveyed to the leak tester directly, the complete process is fully automatic, the conveyor to connect can tester and production line is available.

Leak Tester for Metal Containers GT-A

Leak Tester for Metal Containers GT-A

Based on Real World Data
In order to explore the technology path, except the machine manufacturing, GR also emphasizes the software development. Through the technology service and communication with our expertise customers, we have accumulated rich experience and turn it into scientific data. In our technology department, we have created a data bank which is unique in this industry, and formed a strict but realistic standard for leak testing on each type of container.

Based on Real World Research
The source of our big data is definitely not from hypothesis, it is from experimental practice which is proven worldwide. For each customer, our engineers will study the test data according to the product types. We also collect each type of containers to repeat testing in our lab. During many years development and research, we have accumulated tons of data, and formed clear ideas. For different type of container, we do not roughly set a standard and execute mechanically, we analyze the micro difference between each style of containers, demonstrate repeatedly with an almost picky experimental design.

Based on Randomized Controlled Trial
In order to discover the influence of different factors, we carry out experimental studies under the guide of randomized controlled trial for various types of containers, including the inflation time, inflation delay, inflation pressure, sheet thickness, can beading style, testing head style, movement mode, container volume etc. This is totally scientific and objective. After a series of randomized controller trial, we use statistics to analyze. When you discuss the testing topics with us, we do not mind if your question is too complicate, we only mind if your question is too simple.

Leak Detector GT-A

Leak Detector GT-A

Based on Algorithm
The results of our years of research have been integrated into the program, you just need to easily press the touch screen easily, and the test system will analyze each condition for you. Our knowledge is your indirect experience, through this test algorithm, you can transform indirect experience into direct experience.

Based on Customer Experience
Our trusted customer will response to us during the use of leak tester, if they have any question on the principle or technology of leak tester, we will explain and upgrade the machine for each customer, most of our can testers are customized for the specific project of our customer, we will upgrade the machine based on the feedback from customers.

Can Leak Tester GT-A

Can Leak Tester GT-A


  • High precision, can detect subtle leaks and eliminate the NG product automatically

  • Non-destructive detection, no damage on the detected containers

  • Adjustable and flexible, a variety of products can be detected on a single machine

  • PLC control, store the parameters of different products, convenient for recall and switch

  • Equipped with colourful touch screen, easy to operate

  • Alarm display

  • Tailor-made for customer's actual demand

  • Almost inexistent maintenance

  • Low energy consumption


Type: GT-A

Handled Container: 2  pieces cans, 3 pieces cans, pails, drums, tubes, aerosol, metal canning, composite cans, monobloc

Container Filling: Empty

Machine Type: Linear Leak Tester

Test  Time: Adjustable, 1-20 seconds

Container  Size: 0.1-50L

Numbers of Test Station: 6-24

Numbers of Lane: 1-2

Test Speed: max. 150 cans/min

Both Sufficient and Necessary

Both Sufficient and Necessary

Air pressure leak detector is basically powered by air, and air is needed in many parts of the machine. Not only the inflation used for detection needs air, but also the actions of auxiliary detection (such as sealing action, elimination action etc.,) need air, because the actions are performed and implemented by cylinders. It can be said that air plays an important role in leak detection. The air compressors in some can factories are not stable, and the air humidity in the working environment is too high, which often causes a serial of problems such as machine failures, component damage, unstable testing pressure, inaccurate testing, rusted cans, poor sealing, and insufficient elimination force etc. In order to solve these problems, we install two air storage tanks on the leak detecting machine, one tank supplies air for the inflation and detection, and the other tank supplies air for the cylinders, so as to ensure a stable supply of air during the operation of the machine. More importantly, the air storage tank is equipped with a drainage function. Just press a button on the machine, the air storage tank will automatically drain. All the solution ensures that the air used by the machine is dry and sufficient, stable and convenient. At the same time, our leak detector is equipped with two pressure gauges with different ranges to independently control the air movement from the two air storage tanks, because the pressure used for inflating detection and the pressure used for cylinder action are not the same. It can be said that our leak detector is both sufficient and necessary. GT-A leak detector is the right-hand man of the quality assurance department, saving a lot of troubles for the manufacturing department.

Tin Can Leak Detector - Leak Test Machine

in-line machine for carousel testing and linear testing

When the metal containers or plastic containers are completed by the can making line, the containers are come into leak inspecting machine, that is commonly named as can tester, pail tester or drum tester depending to the detected object. The leakage tester inspects and detects the containers by air, the containers can be fed as linear or rotary. For the general line cans or pails, the speed of can production line is not so high, it is better to use the in-line leak tester layout as linear, and for the aerosol cans or small space room, it is better to use the rotative can testing machine. The core technology of the leakage testing machine is not the mechanic, it is the leak detection software system. With many years’ experience in the leak testing machine industry, GR develops a smart and sensitive software system to control the leak detecting machine and analyze the data collected by the system. When the sensors inspect the cans fed into the leak detector, the cans will be fixed on position, and the test head will press on the cans. The test head of leakage detector can be designed base on the format of top lid and hole of cans. It can cover the whole top can end, or only press on the hole of the top lids. Then the air will be filled into the containers. Because our can detecting machine is very sensitive and fast, just a few seconds to fill air and keep the air pressure stable, then the software system will high sensitively detect the air pressure decay or fluctuation, and use our leak detection algorithm to determine whether the cans is tight seal. Our can tightness tester not only detect the pressure decay, its artificial intelligence data analysis system can deal with the complex condition of air fluctuation. We have created data bank for a great variety of can size and shape to serve the metal packaging industry by our big data. If the can is detected by our leakage detecting machine, it will be automatically eliminated on the output of leak inspector. The quality assurance and tightness can be guaranteed by GT-A can tester.

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